About Us

The Thane Community Garden Association, or TCGA, is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in February 2021 to establish and maintain the Thane Community Garden.

The purposes of the Thane Community Garden Association are:

The Thane Community Garden is located at 4451 Thane Road, just past the Sheep Creek Bridge where the old hatchery used to be. The mailing address is:

Thane Community Garden Association
5875 Thane Road
Juneau, AK 99801

The Thane Community Garden was built in 2023, with 20 4x20 raised gardening beds, a shed, a compost bin, a fence, and an irrigation system. In 2024, a greenhouse will be erected that will have 10 gardening plots. Gardener members in good standing may retain their primary gardening space from year to year as long as they annually apply for that gardening space.

All gardening spaces -- raised beds and greenhouse plots -- cost $50 per gardening space. Gardener members must perform at least 5 hours of volunteer service each year and are asked to maintain a gardening log. Long-term plans for the garden include adding more raised gardening beds, addressing drainage issues, adding electricity to the site, and adding communal gardening areas for growing raspberries and climbing plants such as beans and peas.